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gTIE offers innovative neckwear and accessories for men and women.

DEAFMETAL is a sub-brand for gTIE. It offers hearing jewellery for people in need for hearing aquipment. Please visit www.deafmetal.store.

gTIE's alternative ideas challenge the traditional bows and ties, Jewellery and accessories. gTIE’s collection includes iconic ties, bowties, scarves, tiescarves, plastrons, moustaches, chokers, suspenders and hoods. In addition gTIE also offers eye-catching body-, ear-, shoulder-, and hair jewelry. Material-wise, gTIE is a mixture of leather, silk and silver. Interesting shapes, endless wearing methods and both traditional and innovative materials are at the core of the design philosophy. gTIE caters to those who dare to be original. The brand’s ethics are based on honesty, responsibility and openness, the very things I learn mirror the woman sitting across the table in front of me. It is noteworthy that gTIE has a ”no waste” philosophy which makes the brand ecological and allows the slightest scrap of material to be used for new designs.

Today gTIE’s prototypes and products are manufactured mainly in Finland. It makes everything much easier. For a while she produced in Italy but when she saw some Finnish factories closing she wanted to do something about it. She took part in ’Save The Factory’ project and bought the closing factories so the workers could keep their jobs and manufacturing in her native country could go on.By the time I meet this force of nature, gTIE’s designs have been worn by the likes of Ville Valo (HIM) to whom Jenni contributes the launch of her brand. He rocked a plastron she sent to him ”to use somewhere” and he ended up wearing it at a televised event, causing a media storm. Other well known Finnish and international figures who have worn her designs include Snoop Dogg, Michael Monroe, The Dudeson’s, Marilyn Manson, Aloe Blacc, Omar Sy, Adan Canto, Ted Stryker, Giancarlo Esposito, Kurt Schneider, Peter Mensah, James Morrison, Bono and many more. Her designs have been at the Golden Globe’s, Oscars’, American Music Awards and Eurovision Song Contest. She’s was also the costume designer of the new upcoming feature film ’Iron Sky The Coming Race’, but because of her own growing business, she had to choose between two careers and said no to movie business.


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